Presents Time

Rick Morsch
[Hair] Modulus Vercetti Hair
[Skin] Stray Dog Kenichi [New Release!!]
[Sweater with Shirt] Kalback Casual Sweater+Shirt Striped Signature  The Mens Department - December 5th  [New Release!!]
[Pants] Clef de Peau Bootcut Pants Herringbone Grey Signature  The Mens Department - December 5th  [New Release!!]

[Presents] Zerkalo Magical Christmas - Pile of Gifts#1 (modified)
Zerkalo Magical Christmas - Pile of Gifts#2

[Pose] RK Poses Kole 4 The Crossroads - December 3rd [New Release!!]

Scene Deco
[Outside Tree] Keke little winter tree Deco(c)rate - December 8th [Exclusive!!]
[Christmas Tree] Botanical Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree @Tannenbaum Holiday Market - November 25th [New Release!!]

[Outside Snow] Pixel Mode Snow Forms - Drift 1 Fameshed - December 1st [New Release!!]
Pixel Mode Snow Forms - Small Mound Fameshed - December 1st [New Release!!]

[Windows Stars] Goose window star lights Deco(c)rate - December 8th [Exclusive!!]
[Train] Goose wooden XMAS train Deco(c)rate - December 8th [Exclusive!!]

[Outside Mushrooms] Kalopsia Toadstool Small Silver Collabor88 - November 8th [New Release!!]
Kalopsia Toadstool Silver Collabor88 - November 8th [New Release!!]
[Outside Deer] Kalopsia Rosie's Deer - Glitter Blue Collabor88 - November 8th [New Release!!]
Kalopsia Rosie's Deer - Polka Mint Collabor88 - November 8th [New Release!!]
[Outside White Branches] Kalopsia Rosie's Branches Vase Collabor88 - November 8th [New Release!!]
[Chair] Kalopsia Rosie's Cuddle Chair - Adult Collabor88 - November 8th [New Release!!]
[House] Kalopsia Gabriel's House RARE The Arcade Gacha Event - December 1st [New Release!!]
[Fireplace] Kalopsia Gabriel's Fireplace The Arcade Gacha Event - December 1st [New Release!!]
[Little Houses on the Fireplace] Kalopsia Gabriel's Tin Houses The Arcade Gacha Event - December 1st [New Release!!]
[Rug] Kalopsia Gabriel's Rug The Arcade Gacha Event - December 1st [New Release!!]
[Christmas Tree Ornaments] Kalopsia Bell Garland - Gold
Kalopsia Glitter Leaf - Gold
Kalopsia Glitter Leaf - Copper
Kalopsia Wood Candy Cane - Red
Kalopsia Wood Candy Cane - Green

[Puf] Serenity Style Warm Winter Puf Drape Deco(c)rate - December 8th [Exclusive!!]
[Tray with Hot Chocolate] Serenity Style Warm Winter Tray Deco(c)rate - December 8th [Exclusive!!]

[Galard on the Fireplace] Ariskea {Winter Nostalgia} Garland Deco(c)rate - December 8th [Exclusive!!]
[Plant] Ariskea {Winter Nostalgia} Mirtille Plant Deco(c)rate - December 8th [Exclusive!!]

[Wall Print] Floorplan sugarplum print Collabor88 - November 8th [New Release!!]
[Fireplace Red Board] Floorplan north pole toy co. Collabor88 - November 8th [New Release!!]
[Fireplace Chalkboard] Floorplan joyeux noel chalkboard Collabor88 - November 8th [New Release!!]
[Lights at the ChalkboardFloorplan starry string lights box Collabor88 - November 8th [New Release!!]

[Candles on the Fireplace] BackBone Candle Holder Deco(c)rate - December 8th [Exclusive!!]
BackBone Small Candle Deco(c)rate - December 8th [Exclusive!!]
[Tree on the Fireplace] BackBone Bauble Tree Deco(c)rate - December 8th [Exclusive!!]

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