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Rick Morsch
[Hair with Handknit] Sleepy Eddy Handknit Muffler+Nao Rare B Male The Arcade Gacha Event - December 1st [New Release!!]
[Skin Head] Clef de Peau Winston Head CATWA  Signature Event - December 1st [New Release!!]
[Eyebrows] Clef de Peau Eyebrows v.29 Brown CATWA  Signature Event - December 1st [New Release!!]
[Beard] Clef de Peau Beard 3 Brown OMEGA [New Release!!]

[Coat] ::K:: Melton Pea Coat Homme Camel SIGNATURE Shiny Shabby - November 20th [New Release!!]
[Pants] Clef de Peau Bootcut Pants Navy SIGNATURE The Mens Department - December 5th  [New Release!!]
[Boots] Vale Koer Tactical Flip Boots SLINK

[Pose] RK Poses This Love of Mine [New Release!!]

Scene Deco
[House] Trompe Loeil Elina Cabin Fameshed - December 1st [New Release!!]
[Outside Snow Mound] Pixel Mode Snow Forms - Rough Mound Fameshed - December 1st [New Release!!]
[Outside Flying Leaves] Keke Blown Away Rowan Leaves - Snow White [New Release!!]
[Vase behind Chair] DRD Timberland Vase Shiny Shabby - November 20th [New Release!!]
[Candel on the books] Luc Traditional Luxury Candle, Cranberry Clove (no label) Shiny Shabby - November 20th [New Release!!]

[Chair] BHL The SAINT GERMAIN Armchair Shiny Shabby - November 20th [New Release!!]
[Vale beside bed] BHL The SAINT GERMAIN Vase and Branches Shiny Shabby - November 20th [New Release!!]
[Basket with books at Shelf] BHL The SAINT GERMAIN Book Basket Shiny Shabby - November 20th [New Release!!]
[Boots at the shelf] BHL The SAINT GERMAIN Books Shiny Shabby - November 20th [New Release!!]

[Pouffe] Cheeky Pea Hugge Pouffe (Adult) Uber Event - November 25th [New Release!!]
[Bed] Cheeky Pea Hugge Bed (Adult) Uber Event - November 25th [New Release!!]
[Rug] Cheeky Pea Hugge Rugs Uber Event - November 25th [New Release!!]
[Shelves] Cheeky Pea Hugge Shelves Uber Event - November 25th [New Release!!]

[Wall Neon Letters] Floorplan Neon it's Written in the Sky Collabor88 - November 8th [New Release!!]
[Wall Neon Moon] Floorplan Neon Happy Moon Collabor88 - November 8th [New Release!!]

[Outside Fence] Jian Snow Birds :: Fence Fameshed - December 1st [New Release!!]
[Outside Birds] Jian Snow Birds :: Percher Fameshed - December 1st [New Release!!]
Jian Snow Birds :: Wanderer Fameshed - December 1st [New Release!!]

[Outside Trees] The Little Branch River Wood {4Seasons} Fameshed - December 1st [New Release!!]
[Outside Xmas Tree] The Little Branch ChristmasTree {Silver} [Group Gift!!]

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