"I Just Go Where The Guitar Takes Me."

-Quote by Angus Young-

No Match No Fate Hello Tuesday | @50% Off!!
Fe Style Wekleh Jacket  w/T-Shirt  / Black / Fitted1 Hello Tuesday | @50% Off!!
Modulus Akira Jeans Black TMP @Fashion Fair Autumn - October 1st @New!!
Vale Koer The Formal Eccentric TMP The Mens Department - October 5th  @New!!

Scene Deco#1
By Dorian Conservatory @Cosmopolitan Round 25/3 @New!!
[[RH]] Art deco style lamp (Black) - Art deco style Iron screen (Black) @Cosmopolitan Round 25/3 @New!!
Di'Cor Jacob's ArmChair [Brown] @Cosmopolitan Round 25/3 @New!!
Apt B Farm Living Rug (modified)
Zerkalo Kinky Games [ Lamp3 - Bed PG (modified) ] Romp - October @New!!
Zerkalo Lonely Bard [ Guitar ]
ILLI Walnut Shelve/Cloth Rack [3 Prims] - Hanger (Walnut) - Hanger (Black) @New!!
Scene Deco#2
Epia 'Big Boss' Desk (brown) - 'Big Boss' Chair (brown) - 'Big Boss' Desk Lamp (left-click) -  'Big Boss' Cabinet (brown) The Mens Department - October 5th  @New!!
Di'Cor Jacob's Console Table - Book Pile 1 - Jacob's Nightshade - Artist's Collection1 @Cosmopolitan Round 25/3 @New!!
Apple Fall iFall (Early 2014) Media Edition

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