Fall Play

Ricardo (Left)
Speakeasy Billy Hair The Seasons Story - October 10th  @New!!
Clef de Peau Marco T2 Base Hairy - Marco's Freckles (Tintable) - Eyebrows 13 Blonde The Mens Department - October 5th  @New!!
Speakeasy Wolfpack Tattoo TMP @Fashion Fair Autumn - October 1st @New!!
Ascend Urban Peacock Hoodie Khaki
Fe Style Kozlov Shirt Beige
V-Spot Waist Sweatshirt @Fashion Fair Autumn - October 1st @New!!
Modulus Akira Jeans Brown TMP @Fashion Fair Autumn - October 1st @New!!
Vale Koer The Formal Eccentric TMP The Mens Department - October 5th  @New!!

Ricardo (Right)
Speakeasy Ron hair The Mens Department - October 5th  @New!!
Clef de Peau  Marco T5 Base Hairy - Marco's Freckles (Tintable) - Cheekbone Scar Mirror - Eyebrows 13 Black The Mens Department - October 5th  @New!!
Identity Body Shop Body Shop - High Jump @Fashion Fair Autumn - October 1st @New!!
Fe Style Ckali Cardigan W/HUD DGray
Modulus Akira Jeans Classic TMP @Fashion Fair Autumn - October 1st @New!!
Shoeminati 14X  Graphite Blue (R) - 14X Black Toe (L) @Fashion Fair Autumn - October 1st @New!!

EvoLove WitchSports 1 (Pumpkin Included) @Fashion Fair Autumn - October 1st @New!!

Scene Deco
The Little Branch White Birch Cluster {Seasons} Fameshed - October 1st @NEW!!
The Little Branch Shingle Oak {Seasons} Hello Tuesday | @50% Off!!
8f8 Primavera in Toscana Farm Cart
Construct Mesh Pumpkin Set - Decorative gourd 
Ispachi Cherished Moments Reindeer
Apt B Snuggle Up Wheelburrow Shiny Shabby - September 20th @NEW!!
Kalopsia Flying leaves (orange)
Keke Willow Leaves for Ground Maxi The Seasons Story - October 10th  @NEW!!

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