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Kunst Norman Pipe Rustic
Identity Body Shop Only Symbols TMP @Cosmetic Fair - September  @NEW!!
United Colors Squares of Life Blazer Men Beige - Squares of Life Pants Men Navy Uber Event - September 25th @NEW!!
ILLI Daniel Shoes TMP @Cosmopolitan Round 25/3 @NEW!!

3M cc0 m 5 (modified)

Scene Deco
Floorplan Color Block Curtains Butter
Floorplan Wonderfvll Frame Collabor88 - September 8th @NEW!!
Keke Raw Crystal Chandelier
Keke Rainy Day Table Lamp Kustom9 - September 15th @NEW!!
Petite Maison Rory Frame - Rona Frame @NEW!!
Petite Maison Athena Console Black
Petite Maison Bella Chair Gold - Bella Chair Black @Cosmopolitan Round 24/3 @NEW!!
Kalopsia Pictures Lamp
Kalopsia Wood Horse Head Statue @Lost & Found - September  @NEW!!
Zerkalo Precious Moments Jewelry Box
Zerkalo Beginning of the Day Rug White
Pixicat Bastet Sphynx [ LyingDown - Lazy - Sprawl ] The Arcade Gacha Event - September 2015 @NEW!!

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