I'm full of emptiness

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Quartzo Hair Christian
Speakeasy Haunt Tattoo TMP @Nightmare Event - October 1st @NEW!!
Swallow Safari Ring Gold  Hello Tuesday | @50$L!!
United Colors Fighter Trousers Men Black TMP
Vale Koer Shark Attack TMP Uber Event - September 25th @NEW!!

Mmma 1507

Scene Deco
Spargel & Shine Homes Allison Cottage @Cosmopolitan Round 25/3 @NEW!!
Kalopsia Birthday Chair - Gifts Chair (Deco) - Bday Chair Simple (Event Gift) - Balloon Gift Long - Balloon Gift Small - 
Balloon Gift Large -  Balloon Gift Big - Balloon Gift Square - Birthday Banner @Cosmopolitan Round 25/3 @NEW!!
Keke Tray Cart Steel (modified)
Keke Rez-day Cake No [ 1 to 8 ] The Arcade Gacha Event - September 2015 @NEW!!
Kunst Champ. Bottle Extra Brut

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