Tropical Mood

Meva Gangster Hat
Unorthodox Steeze Dreads (Hairbase Included TMP) Hair Fair 2015 - July 11th  @NEW!!
Unorthodox Teen (A) Facial Hair (Beardbase Included TMP) The Mens Department - July 5th  @NEW!!
Clef de Peau  Body Ath. Dark Line T2 TMP, Ronnie Face T2 TMP & Eyebrows 10 Black TMP Wayward Carnival - July 15th  @NEW!!
Urbano Drug Dealer Grill The Showroom - July 15th @NEW!!
Kunst Cigar RARE
Speakeasy Curse Tattoo TMP The End - July  @NEW!!
AR2 Style Sporty Pants D&W @NEW!!
David Heather Horned Coffee Cup/Gold RARE Kustom9 - July 15th @NEW!!
ILLI MeshProject Dahriel Sandals
Home & Deco
ILO Container House Kustom9 - July 15th @NEW!!
No Concept antique chandelier Kustom9 - July 15th @NEW!!
Kalopsia Old Mirror (with pictures), Old Table, Basket (with flowers), Basket (simple) & Basket (with cloths) Kustom9 - July 15th @NEW!!
keke milk jug flowers - white, metal box w thyme & milk jug flowers - blue The Seasons Story - July 10th  @NEW!!
keke beach fence - half arc & beach fence - part 1 Kustom9 - July 15th @NEW!!
Apt B Country Living Rug Kustom9 - July 15th @NEW!!
Apt B Pallet Display Simple
Tentacio Jaime truck, menu, pink lemonade, hot dogs, tray, Sauces, salt & pepper, picnic set bench, picnic set table & bench Kustom9 - July 15th @NEW!!

Deco (Right)
Apt B Country Living Curtain,  Country Living Doors RARE & Country Living Gardening Chair Kustom9 - July 15th @NEW!!
keke beach fence - half arc Kustom9 - July 15th @NEW!!

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