My spanish guitar

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 Unorthodox Fantasy TMP (Hairbase Included) Hair Fair 2015 - July 11th  @NEW!!
Clef de Peau  Liam Face T4 TMP, Body Athletic T4 TMP &  Eyebrows 11 Black TMP Ross Event - July 15th  @NEW!!
Identity Last Deal TMP @Genre - July 15th @NEW!!
 Unorthodox Teen Facial Hair TMP The Mens Department - July 5th  @NEW!!
RE Arjen Necklace - Male @Men Only Monthly - July 20th @NEW!!
ABEX Continuum Shorts TMP Fitted @Men Only Monthly - July 20th @NEW!!
ILLI Pierre Sandals TMP (Resize Version) @Cosmopolitan Round 20/3 @NEW!!
Kunst Kunsteiner bottle / Lager uncapped  (natural) 
Tent & Deco
Zerkalo Bedouin Tent - Sands
Zerkalo Lonely Bard - Guitar  Indie Teepee - July 10th  @NEW!!
Kalopsia Low Table RARE, Food Tray RARE, Plate, Beers,  Round Pillow - Pink - Green -  Blue, Square Pillow - Purple - Pink - Green - Blue, Old Lamp & Rugs  The Epiphany - July 16th  @NEW!!
keke sphere bottled flowers - white - blue & tall bottled flowers - white - blue @SOON!!

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