021119 • Do What You Love

//Avatar Look//
Hair Modulus - Mike Hair Left Equal10 (February 10th) [New!!]
Skin Stray Dog - Javier Catwa TMD (February 5th) [New!!]
Facial Hair Volkstone Marv Facial Hair [4 Styles] Equal10 (February 10th) [New!!]
Mesh Beard Volkstone Marv Mesh Beard Equal10 (February 10th) [New!!]
Shirt Galvanized. Jimmy Flannel Red 2 Level Event (February) [New!!]
Shorts antisystem // Harley Shorts - Fatpack - Belleza Jake Equal10 (February 10th) [New!!]

//Scene Deco Items//
Skybox Building Thor Do What You Love - Skybox Builder's Box Event (February) [New!!]
Neon Sign Thor Do What You Love  -Neon Sign Builder's Box Event (February) [New!!]
Hangin Lamps Thor Love Bites Hangin Lamps - with projectors Builder's Box Event (February) [New!!]
Table Thor Love Bites Table C88 (February 8th) [New!!]
Left Chair Thor Love Bites Chair 1 C88 (February 8th) [New!!]
Right Chair Thor Love Bites Chair 2 C88 (February 8th) [New!!]
Cups Thor Love Bites Paper Cup C88 (February 8th) [New!!]
Sweet Dish Thor Love Bites Dish of Sweets C88 (February 8th) [New!!]
Dishes Stack Thor Love Bites Stack of Dishes C88 (February 8th) [New!!]
Decanter Thor Love Bites Wine Decanter C88 (February 8th) [New!!]
Table Rose Petals Thor Love Bites Petals C88 (February 8th) [New!!]

Bed .Peaches. Emunah Bed - PG Fameshed (February 1st) [New!!]
Magazines .Peaches. Emunah Bed - Magazine Clutter Fameshed (February 1st) [New!!]
Plant .Peaches. Emunah Bed - Large Plant (No Shadow) Fameshed (February 1st) [New!!]

Light Doors Floorplan. door backdrop / white Fameshed (February 1st) [New!!]

Single Ballon S hive // heart balloons . single short Belle Event (February) [New!!]
Teddy Bear hive // sweet teddy bear . red heart Belle Event (February) [New!!]
Single Ballon hive // heart balloons . single Belle Event (February) [New!!]
Floating Single Ballon hive // heart balloons . single floating Belle Event (February) [New!!]
Group Ballons hive // heart balloons . group Belle Event (February) [New!!]
Roses Vase hive // rose vase . red Belle Event (February) [New!!]

Dog Jian Cuddly Corgis *EPP* Sleepy Corgi The Epiphany (January 15th) [New!!]

Trees LB_RedMaple.v2{Animated}4Seasons Shiny Shabby (January 20th) [New!!]

//Other Scene Deco Items//
Rose Petals Zerkalo Evelin's Bathroom - Red Rose Petals Round

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