Puppies Discovering Snow for the 1st Time

Hair Burley- Enzo [Materials]
Hairbase L'Etre - Jose hairbase [Dark brown]
Skin Stray Dog - Aeon Catwa - Tone 04 TMD (December 5th) [New!!]

Jacket Aitui - Rugged Top (Body: Signature) Access Event (November 12nd) [New!!]
Pants Mossu - John.Track Pants - Fatpack - Signature Gianni
Gloves Ascend Trevor Bento Glove - Signature
Socks Vale Koer Thermal Socks Gianni
Sneakers Shoeminati x11Remaster - Platinum Tint - Signature [New!!]

Polar Bear Vest Puppie Jian Snowday St.Bernards 6. Polar Bear Companion The Epiphany (December 15th) [New!!]

//Scene Items//
Caravan KraftWork Kraftstream Decorated (modified) Fameshed (December 1st) [New!!]

Hanger Basket Poinsettia Jian Poinsettia Garland :: Basket Hanger Fameshed (December 1st) [New!!]
Straight Poinsettia Garland Jian Poinsettia Garland :: Straight Long Fameshed (December 1st) [New!!]
Swiggle Poinsettia Garland Jian Poinsettia Garland :: Swiggle Long Fameshed (December 1st) [New!!]
Wreathe Poinsettia Jian Poinsettia Garland :: Wreathe Fameshed (December 1st) [New!!]
Snow Mound Puppie Jian Snowday St.Bernards *EPP* Snow Mound Pup The Epiphany (December 15th) [Exclusive Point Prize!!]
Reindeer Jian Reindeer Collection :: Static - Stand Uber (November 25th) [New!!]

Bicycle Thor Festive Bicycles Red The Snowbound Hunt (December 1st-12nd) [New!!]
Electric Pole Thor Electricity Pole Arcade (December 1st) [New!!]

A Tree Hive // fir tree . a
B Tree Hive // fir tree . b

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