Pure Temptation

SAYO - Al Fresco Outdoor Fireplace Uber (June 25th) [New!!]
SAYO - Al Fresco Outdoor Rug Uber (June 25th) [New!!]
Soy. Magazine (hooded beach chair optional) C88 (June 8th) [New!!]
Soy. Soda Can (hooded beach chair optional) C88 (June 8th) [New!!]
hive // zig chair C88 (June 8th) [New!!]
hive // summer tote C88 (June 8th) [New!!]
hive // flip flops . floral C88 (June 8th) [New!!]
hive // potted palm tree C88 (June 8th) [New!!]
hive // palm tree with base . A C88 (June 8th) [New!!]
hive // dwarf palm tree with base . A C88 (June 8th) [New!!]
hive // potted fan palm plant FLF (June 15th) [New!!]
Ariskea[Kuva] Cute succulent Fameshed GO! (June 15th) [New!!]
Ariskea[Kuva] Mint table Fameshed GO! (June 15th) [New!!]
Ariskea[Kuva] Macrame Rug Fameshed GO! (June 15th) [New!!]
BIGBULLY Dining Bench - Marble Equal10 (June 10th) [New!!]
..::THOR::.. Chain Uber (June 25th) [New!!]
..::THOR::.. Sphere Paper lamp - white Uber (June 25th) [New!!]
naked. teapot roses. white Shiny Shabby (June 20th) [New!!]
naked. country table. white (just the table cloth) Shiny Shabby (June 20th) [New!!]

//Other Scene Items//
Fancy Decor: Davis Fence Window
Fancy Decor: Davis Post (mid)
Fancy Decor: Davis Long Panel
Fancy Decor: Concrete Block
Ariskea[Isabelle] Garden Path Stone

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