Gelato Stand

//Avatar Look//
Burley - Giorgio (XYZResizer;MultiStyler) [MATERIALS] Club Taketomi * [New!!]
GALVANIZED. G5 Shirt - Blue @ MOM (June 20th) [New!!]
GALVANIZED. G5 Joggers - White @ MOM (June 20th) [New!!]
[Bad Unicorn] "Orange" Dillinger Duffle Bag
RK Poses - Jeremy 1
* Please note that the club Taketomi it's a "Membership" group for LIMITED time discounted items!

OneDecor_Lost Garden Wall (modified) Shiny Shabby (June 20th) [New!!]
ANHELO M52UB-186GA :: breeze Uber (June 25th) [New!!]
[Bad Unicorn] Galato Cart Deco(c)rate (June 8th) [New!!]
VARONIS - Sanremo Scooter Deco(c)rate (June 8th) [New!!]
:: N :: Jar of Lemons Deco(c)rate (June 8th) [New!!]
:: N :: Bottle of Limoncello Deco(c)rate (June 8th) [New!!]

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