The Corner Place

//Scene Items//
DaD "The Plaza Suite"  skybox c/m V.1.0 [New!!]
Kalopsia - Moon Pictures FLF (May 25th) [New!!]
MudHoney Miranda Drapes - Sheer Deco(c)rate (May 8th) [New!!]
JIAN Longfin Tetra Aquarium Uber (May 25th) [New!!]
JIAN Longfin Tetra :: Orbiter Uber (May 25th) [New!!]
Astralia - Small spaces bed Uber (May 25th) [New!!]
[ zerkalo ] Relaxed Corner Gacha - Quilted Plaid K9 (May 15th) [New!!]
[ zerkalo ] Relaxed Corner Gacha - Two Pillows K9 (May 15th) [New!!]
[ zerkalo ] Relaxed Corner Gacha - Rug K9 (May 15th) [New!!]

//Other Scene Items//
Kalopsia - Tamsin's Paper Files
Kalopsia- Tamsin's Table Plant
Kalopsia - Tamsin's Pencils Pot
Kalopsia - Tamsin's Pile of Books
hive // bird of paradise plant v2
hive // kentia palm plant
AF iFall (Early 2014) Media Edition

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