Working Hard Drinking Hard

//My Look//
HAIR//DOUX - Carter hairstyle [UNRIGGED] Equal10 (April 10th) [New!!]
HAIRBASE//Just Magnetized - Essential Hairbase - set 01 for CATWA Equal10 (April 10th) [New!!]
TATTOO//DAPPA - Paradise Tattoo. [FADED] OMEGA Equal10 (April 10th) [New!!]
GLASSES//Dahlia - Blair - Sunglasses - FATPACK + BONUS Fameshed GO! (April 15th) [New!!]
SHIRT//Mossu - Daddy.Shirt - Fatpack - Belleza Jake TMD (April 5th) [New!!]
TIE//Mossu - Daddy.Necktie - Fatpack - Belleza Jake TMD (April 5th) [New!!]
SHORTS//Xenials - HennyC Anywhere - JAKE Equal10 (April 10th) [New!!]
BOTTLE//Xenials - Hennyc Bottle [Wear] Equal10 (April 10th) [New!!]
POSE//RK Poses - Jacob 3

COTTAGE//Trompe Loeil - Haider Elevated Cottage Blue Fameshed (April 1st) [New!!]
CHAIR WITH CLOTH//Architect. A little....wild *egg chair* (A) (RARE) Equal10 (April 10th) [New!!]
CEILLING LIGHTS//Architect. A little....wild *BLACK hanging light* (common) Equal10 (April 10th) [New!!]
RUG//Architect. A little....wild *cowhide rug* (common) Equal10 (April 10th) [New!!]
SMALL BOWL//Architect. A little....wild *a bowl of more nuts* (common) Equal10 (April 10th) [New!!]
OTTOMAN//Architect. A little....wild *ottoman* (common) Equal10 (April 10th) [New!!]
BIG BOWL//Architect. A little....wild *a bowl of walnuts* (common) Equal10 (April 10th) [New!!]
TABLE//Architect. A little....wild *raw wood table* (common) Equal10 (April 10th) [New!!]
ANTLER DECO//Architect. A little....wild *antler decor* (common) Equal10 (April 10th) [New!!]
CHAIR//Architect. A little....wild *egg chair* (PG) (uncommon) Equal10 (April 10th) [New!!]
BOOKS STACK//Architect. A little....wild *stack of books* (common) Equal10 (April 10th) [New!!]
WOOD WALL ART//Architect. A little....wild *Wall Art* (common) Equal10 (April 10th) [New!!]
RIGHT PARADISE PLANT//hive // bird of paradise plant v1 Bloom (April 15th) [New!!]
LEFT PARADISE PLANT//hive // bird of paradise plant v2 Bloom (April 15th) [New!!]
PINK CALADIUM PLANT//hive // pink caladium plant Bloom (April 15th) [New!!]
CORNER PALM PLANT//hive // kentia palm plant Bloom (April 15th) [New!!]
ROUND WALL ART//DYNASTY - Tranquility Set - Wall Art The Epiphany (April 15th) [New!!]
JARS//DYNASTY - Tranquility Set - Ginger Jars The Epiphany (April 15th) [New!!]
VASE//DYNASTY - Tranquility Set - Classic Vase The Epiphany (April 15th) [New!!]
POTTED JAR//DYNASTY - Tranquility Set - Potted Jar The Epiphany (April 15th) [New!!]
LAMP//DYNASTY - Tranquility Set - Table Lamp The Epiphany (April 15th) [New!!]
METAL CAGE I//DYNASTY - Tranquility Set - Metal Cage (1) The Epiphany (April 15th) [New!!]
METAL CAGE II//DYNASTY - Tranquility Set - Metal Cage (2) The Epiphany (April 15th) [New!!]
DRESSER//DYNASTY - Tranquility Set - Dresser RARE (modified) The Epiphany (April 15th) [New!!]
STONE STOOL//DYNASTY - Tranquility Set - Stone Stool (EXCLUSIVE) The Epiphany (April 15th) [New Exclusive!!]
OPENED BOOK//Dahlia - Pluvio - Poppies Book Deco(c)rate (April 8th) [New!!]

◘ Fameshed Go! is a new monthly event wich opens for the first time on April 15th. Each month, 20 stores will be displaying exclusive items in an interactive HUD with exclusive prizes, every round, and that will not be made available after each round closes. ◘ 

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