Military Loyalty

//My Look//
HAIR//Volkstone Luke Hair - Blonde
SKIN//STRAY DOG - RAGNAR  - CATWA - TONE 04 Uber (April 25th) [New!!]
POLO//GALVANIZED. Polo - Green Man Cave (April 10th) [New!!]
JEANS//[Deadwool] Broberry jeans - Belleza / rolled - black
SNEAKERS//[Shoeminati] xTez - Black x White - Belleza M [New Limited Version!!]
POSE//Ana Poses - Oslo 2 (modified)

BUILDING//KraftWork Chelsea Rain . Rooftop Floor Deco(c)rate (April 8th) [New!!]
COUCH//[Merak] - Patio Couch (Monotone) Deco(c)rate (April 8th) [New!!]
RUG//BackBone Whatever the Weather - Entry Rug Deco(c)rate (April 8th) [New!!]
POUFFE//BackBone Whatever the Weather - Pouffe (beige) Deco(c)rate (April 8th) [New!!]
FAN//[ zerkalo ] Military Hideout Items - Fan (RARE) K9 (April 15th) [New!!]
WALL DOGTAGS//[ zerkalo ] Military Hideout Items - Tags K9 (April 15th) [New!!]
COMMAND SIGN//[ zerkalo ] Military Hideout Items - Command Post Sign K9 (April 15th) [New!!]
SHELF//[ zerkalo ] Military Hideout Shelf - Decor K9 (April 15th) [New!!]
TV//[ zerkalo ] Military Hideout Items - TV K9 (April 15th) [New!!]
SNIPER SIGN//[ zerkalo ] Military Hideout Items - Sniper Sign K9 (April 15th) [New!!]
BOX B//[ zerkalo ] Military Hideout Items - Box B K9 (April 15th) [New!!]
BOX A//[ zerkalo ] Military Hideout Items - Box A K9 (April 15th) [New!!]
VINYL NOTES//[ zerkalo ] Military Hideout Items - Vinyl Notes K9 (April 15th) [New!!]
HANGING LAMPS//[ zerkalo ] Military Hideout Items - Lamp K9 (April 15th) [New!!]
TRASH BIN//[ zerkalo ] Military Hideout Items - Trash Bin K9 (April 15th) [New!!]
SAGE CONTAINER//Ariskea[Dairy] Dairy Sage Container K9 (April 15th) [New!!]
PLANK BOX//Ariskea[Dairy] Dairy Plank box K9 (April 15th) [New!!]
EMPTY SAGE CONTAINER//Ariskea[Dairy] Dairy Sage Container Empty K9 (April 15th) [New!!]
MACRAME PLANT//hive // macrame hanging plant . stone FLF (April 20th) [New!!]

//Outside Scene//
RAIN//KraftWork Chelsea Rain . Particle Rain Deco(c)rate (April 8th) [New!!]
TREE//--ANHELO-M49BT-184GA :: broadleaf tree FLF (April 27th) [New!!]

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