The Luck of the Irish

◘ Avatar Look ◘
HAIR//lock&tuft - kovak TMJ (March 7th) [New!!]
MOUSTACHE//Volkstone Dashiell Moustache (Small) - Tintable Man Cave (March 10th) [New!!]
GOATEE//Volkstone Dashiell Goatee (Chin Attach) - Tintable Man Cave (March 10th) [New!!]
BEARD BASE//Volkstone Dashiell - V3 Man Cave (March 10th) [New!!]
EARINGS//MAJESTY- Lion head earring r blackV1 The Galleria Mall (March) [New!!]
KNIT VEST//::K:: Front Slit Knit Vest Homme(Jake) Black TMD (March 5th) [New!!]
ARM COAT//::K:: Holding Coat TMD (March 5th) [New!!]
TROUSERS//[Deadwool] Tweed trousers - Jake - regular - London grey

◘ Scene ◘
LEFT BUILDINGS//Pog Mo Thoin Records Store - By Ex Machina Deco(c)rate (March 8th) [New!!]
PUB BUILDING//Serenity Style- The Lost Arrow Irish Pub Deco(c)rate (March 8th) [New!!]
HORSESHOE CLOVER//MI Horseshoe and Clover Deco(c)rate (March 8th) [New!!]
BEER CRATE//MI Panda Dew Beer Crate Deco(c)rate (March 8th) [New!!]
BENCH//[Kres] Wild Gaelic Garden - Lucky Bench Deco(c)rate (March 8th) [New!!]
SHAMROCK POT//[Kres] Wild Gaelic Garden - Shamrock Pots 2 Deco(c)rate (March 8th) [New!!]
CLOVER POR//Clover Pot CHEZ MOI Deco(c)rate (March 8th) [New!!]
LEFT BENCH//Bench Dublin (PG) CHEZ MOI Deco(c)rate (March 8th) [New!!]
TRASH CAN//..::THOR::..Old's Cool Trash Can Deco(c)rate (March 8th) [New!!]

◘ Other Items ◘
TRUCK//Schultz Bros. 14. Delivery Truck - RARE
OUTSIDE MAN//FAKEICON / csepel booze station / 8. old drunk
PUB CLIENT//FAKEICON / csepel booze station / 9. young drunk
STREET LAMP//[ kunst ] - Street lamp / green
CIGAR BUTTS//[NikotiN] Cigarette Butts (01)
DOG//JIAN Southern Shelties 12. Tri Sheltie Wanderer

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