Small but Cozy

//My Look//
HAIR//DOUX - Juan hairstyle [UNRIGGED/V1]
FLANNEL//REPRESENT - Oversized Flannel "Jake, Gray"
TANK TOP// Kalback Basic Tank M2_FULLPACK (Jake) Man Cave (March 10th) [New!!]
DOG TAGS// Kalback Dog Tag (Resize/Strecht to fit) Man Cave (March 10th) [New!!]
JEANS//[Deadwool] Broberry jeans - Belleza / rolled - crush
BACKDROP BUILDING//Serenity Style- Igor Vintage Sports Backdrop The Clique Event (March 24th) [New!!]
GLOVES//Serenity Style- Igor Vintage Sports Boxing Gloves RARE The Clique Event (March 24th) [New!!]
LEFT PICTURE//Serenity Style- Igor Vintage Sports Picture 1 The Clique Event (March 24th) [New!!]
RIGHT PICTURE//Serenity Style- Igor Vintage Sports Picture 2 The Clique Event (March 24th) [New!!]
BENCH//Serenity Style- Igor Vintage Sports Bench The Clique Event (March 24th) [New!!]
BALL//Serenity Style- Igor Vintage Sports  Ball The Clique Event (March 24th) [New!!]
BASEBALL EQUIP.//Serenity Style- Igor Vintage Sports Baseball Equipment The Clique Event (March 24th) [New!!]
PUNCHING BAG//Serenity StyleIgor Vintage Sports Punching Bag The Clique Event (March 24th) [New!!]
WALL LAMP//..::THOR::.. Study Wall Lamp Uber (March 25th) [New!!]
ARMCHAIR//..::THOR::.. Study Armchair Uber (March 25th) [New!!]
DESK//..::THOR::.. iPear Pc Study Desk Uber (March 25th) [New!!]
BED//Kuro - Ilios bed 2.0 (Cold) PG Illuminate Event (March 18th) [New!!]
TULIPS//FRANTIC - Tulips Shiny Shabby (March 20th) [New!!]
DAISIES//FRANTIC - Daisies Shiny Shabby (March 20th) [New!!]
MOUNTAIN SHELF//FRANTIC - Shelf Shiny Shabby (March 20th) [New!!]
LEFT CACTUS//hive // prickly pear cactus . pot d FLF (March 23rd) [New!!]
RIGHT CACTUS//hive // san pedro cactus . pot e FLF (March 23rd) [New!!]

//Other Items//
GAME STATION//Kalopsia - Game Station
GAME BOXES//Kalopsia - Game Boxes
RUGS//Kalopsia - Rugs - Deer
MAGAZINES 1//..::THOR::.. Magazines
MAGAZINES 2//..::THOR::.. Old's Cool Motors Magazines

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