Coffee Break - Scene

◘ Scene I ◘
BURGUERS//{BE} Burger Set *Men*  Shiny Shabby (February 20th) [New!!]
OUTSIDE TREE//LB_PoplarTree.v1{Animated}*4Seasons_2Li Fameshed (March 1st) [New!!]

◘ Other Items ◘
BUILDING//Soy. Apartment [Jyoukyo-House] Skybox type
FAN//Soy. Exhaust Fan
RUG//Soy. Shag Round Rug w. texture changer
PALM PLANT//Soy. + Toro. potted butterfly palm
CHAIRS//Soy. + Toro. Plastic Chair
TABLE//Soy. + Toro. Old Foldable Table
COLA SET//Soy. + Toro. cola set
CHINESE FOOD//Soy. + Toro. Half-eaten Khao Phat
BAMBOO//Soy. + Toro. water bamboo
TV//Soy. + Toro. Torovision TV
FRIDGE//--ANHELO-G02_14-178GA :: refrigerator
SHELF//--ANHELO-G02_13-178GA :: kitchen shelf
CALENDAR//CONSTRUCT - Calendar 2018 (copy)
◘ Scene II ◘
BURGUER SIGN//{BE} advertising sign Shiny Shabby (February 20th) [New!!]
KITCHEN SINK//Soy. The Kitchen - [PG] TMD (March 5th) [New!!]
GAS BURNER//Soy. Gus Burner TMD (March 5th) [New!!]
SOUP POT//Soy. Pot with Tomate soup [prop] TMD (March 5th) [New!!]
CUTTING BOARD//Soy. Cutting Board (White) [prop] TMD (March 5th) [New!!]
ONION//Soy. Sliced Onion [prop] TMD (March 5th) [New!!]
KNIFE//Soy. Knife [prop] TMD (March 5th) [New!!]
CHEESE//Soy. Sliced Cheese [prop] TMD (March 5th) [New!!]
BREAD//Soy. Sliced Bread [prop] TMD (March 5th) [New!!]
SPONGE//Soy. Sponge [prop] TMD (March 5th) [New!!]
EMPTY POT//Soy. Pot [prop] TMD (March 5th) [New!!]
FRYING PAN//Soy. Frying pan [prop] TMD (March 5th) [New!!]
DISHES//Soy. Dishes [prop] TMD (March 5th) [New!!]
COFFEE CUP//Soy. Cup of Coffee [prop] TMD (March 5th) [New!!]
WATER HEATER//Soy. Water Heater TMD (March 5th) [New!!]
ANIMAL EGGS//Mad Match FUNNY EGGS - ALL (resizable) Illuminate Event (March 18th) [New!!]

◘ Other Items ◘
HANGED CALENDARS//Soy. + Toro. Hanged Calendars and etc.
UNWASHED DISHES//Soy. + Toro.unwashed dishes
DETERGENTS//--ANHELO-G02_16-178GA :: detergents
RICE COOKER//--ANHELO-G02_15-178GA :: rice cooker
CAT//(fd) Cat - 08 Stretching
SNOWDROP PLANT//hive // purple snowdrop planter (modified)
WATERING CAN//hive // watering can

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