Even the abandoned places can be wonderful

• Scene •
BIG CLIMB ROSE VINE. +Half-Deer+ Fairylight Rose Vines - Early - Climb Big L C88 (January 8th) [New!!]
CURVE ROSE VINE. +Half-Deer+ Fairylight Rose Vines - Early - Curve C88 (January 8th) [New!!]
WIDE STRAIGHT ROSE VINE. +Half-Deer+ Fairylight Rose Vines - Early - Straight Wide C88 (January 8th) [New!!]
ROUND ROSE VINE. +Half-Deer+ Fairylight Rose Vines - Early - Round C88 (January 8th) [New!!]
L BLOSSOM LETTER. dust bunny . blossom letters . l C88 (January 8th) [New!!]
O BLOSSOM LETTERdust bunny . blossom letters . o C88 (January 8th) [New!!]
V BLOSSOM LETTERdust bunny . blossom letters . v C88 (January 8th) [New!!]
E BLOSSOM LETTERdust bunny . blossom letters . e C88 (January 8th) [New!!]
CANDELABRA. Kalopsia - Gold & Roses - Candelabra C88 (January 8th) [New!!]
TABLE DECORATION. Kalopsia - Gold & Roses - Decoration C88 (January 8th) [New!!]
TABLEWARE. Kalopsia - Gold & Roses - Tableware (modified) C88 (January 8th) [New!!]
BLUE LAMP. Ariskea[Freesia] Ceilling Lamp [Ocean]  K9 (January 15th) [New!!]
YELLOW LAMP. Ariskea[Freesia] Ceilling Lamp [caramel]  K9 (January 15th) [New!!]
FLOWERS VASE. Ariskea[Freesia] China vase Poeny  K9 (January 15th) [New!!]
CHAIRS. Ariskea[Freesia] White Chair  K9 (January 15th) [New!!]
TABLE. Ariskea[Freesia] Wood marble table  K9 (January 15th) [New!!]
TABLE SETTNG. Ariskea[Freesia] Table Setting  K9 (January 15th) [New!!]
PIANO. [ zerkalo ] Grand Piano - Adult  K9 (January 15th) [New!!]
PINK ROSES HEART. SAYO - Heart Full of Roses - Pink Ombre  K9 (January 15th) [New!!]
CHAMPAGNE. SAYO - Romance & Roses Gacha - Champagne COMMON The Epiphany (January 15th) [New Release!!]
HEART BALLONS. SAYO - Romance & Roses Gacha - Heart Balloons (Pink) COMMON The Epiphany (January 15th) [New Release!!]
PINK ROSES BOX. SAYO - Romance & Roses Gacha - Box of Roses (Pink) COMMON (modified) The Epiphany (January 15th) [New Release!!]

• Other Items •
DRAPES. SAYO - Parisi Drapes - Escobar (modified)
LIGHT PARTICLES. [ keke ] even dragonflies dream . purple (modified)
GAZEBO. DRD Gazebo post apocalypse

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