Ginger is the new black

• I'm Wearing •
HAIR. [taketomi] - Jon (Unrigged;Resizer) [New Release!!]
HEAD SKIN. STRAY DOG - MARVIN - TONE 04 TMD (August 5th) [New Release!!]
BEARD. Saintsense Beard v1_Ginger_CATWA [New Release!!]
BODY TATTOO. .Identity. Body Shop - The Overturn
T-SHIRT.  Kalback Long T-Shirt (BellezaTMD (August 5th) [New Release!!]
SHORTS.  Kalback Sweat Shorts M2_Long (Belleza[New Release!!]
GLASSES. [Deadwool] Herve Glasses - 28. All colors RARE [New Release!!]
BRACELET 1. [ kunst ] - Eike bracelet (a) / Right (M) TMD (August 5th) [New Release!!]
BRACELET 2. [ kunst ] - Eike bracelet (b) / Right (M) TMD (August 5th) [New Release!!]
BRACELET 3. [ kunst ] - Eike bracelet (c) / Left (M) TMD (August 5th) [New Release!!]
SNEAKERS. [Shoeminati] x13 - Alternate Man Cave (August) [Exclusive Release!!]
PUPPY. JIAN Playful Pibbles 18. Food Coma (modified)
POSE. Ana Poses - Oslo 2
•Scene Deco•
CABIN. 22769 - Shotgun Summer Cabin Fameshed (August 1st) [New Release!!]
WALL PLANTS. Ariskea[RainyDays]  Plant PocketGacha (August) [New Release!!]
FRAMES. Ariskea[RainyDays] Frame Decor PocketGacha (August) [New Release!!]
TRAY. Ariskea[RainyDays] Tray PocketGacha (August) [New Release!!]
QUOTES PILLOW. Ariskea[RainyDays] Pillow [Quotes] PocketGacha (August) [New Release!!]
MOTH PILLOW. Ariskea[RainyDays] Pillow [Moth] PocketGacha (August) [New Release!!]
CAT PILLOW. Ariskea[RainyDays] Pillow [Cat] PocketGacha (August) [New Release!!]
SALT LAMP. Ariskea[RainyDays] Hymalayan Salt Lamp PocketGacha (August) [New Release!!]
STRING LIGHTS. Ariskea[RainyDays] String Light PocketGacha (August) [New Release!!]
MOON. Ariskea[Sanctuary] Moon PocketGacha (August) [New Release!!]
PIZZA BOXES. [ zerkalo ] Backstreet Hideout - Pizza Kustom9 (August 15th) [New Release!!]
BRA. [ zerkalo ] Backstreet Hideout - Bra Kustom9 (August 15th) [New Release!!]
OLD RADIO. [ zerkalo ] Backstreet Hideout - Old Radio Kustom9 (August 15th) [New Release!!]
BOXES. [ zerkalo ] Backstreet Hideout - Boxes Kustom9 (August 15th) [New Release!!]
MAGAZINES. [ zerkalo ] Backstreet Hideout - Magazines Kustom9 (August 15th) [New Release!!]
ASHTRAY. [ zerkalo ] Backstreet Hideout - Ashtray Kustom9 (August 15th) [New Release!!]
DONUTS. [ zerkalo ] Backstreet Hideout - Donuts Kustom9 (August 15th) [New Release!!]
RUG. [ zerkalo ] Backstreet Hideout - Rug Kustom9 (August 15th) [New Release!!]
BED. Soy. Bed [Your Bed Is Always Messy] - A TMD (August 5th) [New Release!!]
LAPTOP. Soy. My Laptop (with code typeA) TMD (August 5th) [New Release!!]
TAPESTRY. Soy. Safety Pinned Torn Tapestry (w.texchange) Rewind (August 10th) [New Release!!]
BENCH. Soy. Leather Lobby Bench (modified) Rewind (August 10th) [New Release!!]
BLUE BARREL. floorplan. fire in a barrel / new ThereAfter (August) [New Release!!]

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