Time to Relax

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I'm Wearing
HAIR. Burley Matt
HEAD SKIN. Bold & Beauty Xin Catwa [New Release!!]
BODY SKIN. Bold & Beauty Signature Gianni Body [New Release!!]
BODY TATTOO. IDTTY Dark Secrets [New Release!!]

TRUNKS. Body Factory Sunset Swimming Trunks
SNEAKERS. Shoeminati xAllStar - Gold White [New Release!!]

NECKLACE. Mandala Lustful Jewelry
BEER BOTTLE. 220ML Chronos Beer [Bottle w/ Lemon]

POSE. RK Poses Bob 6
Scene Deco
BAR. Cheeky Pea Bondi Bar Raft N21 - March 21st [New Release!!]
CABINET. Cheeky Pea Bondi Bar Cabinet N21 - March 21st [New Release!!]
SEATS. Cheeky Pea Bondi Hammock Seat N21 - March 21st [New Release!!]
BAR SIGN. Cheeky Pea Bondi Bar Sign N21 - March 21st [New Release!!]
BOX WITH BOTTLES. Cheeky Pea Bondi Bar Bottles N21 - March 21st [New Release!!]

BOTTLES. Tartessos Arts Bar Bottles 1
Tartessos Arts Bar Bottles 2

TEQUILA BOTTLES. Kunst Cazador Tequila x4

BEER PACK. 220ML Chronos Beer [Box 6 Bottles]

PALM TREES. Dad Design Mediterranean Palm Tree

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