My Look
Boon Lab. 008 Hair (Materials) The Mens Department - February 5th  [New Release!!]
Clef de Peau Andre Head T2 TMP -  Beard V.6 Brown TMP The Mens Department - February 5th  [New Release!!]
Ascend Uptown Pea Coat Grey @Men Only Monthly - January 20th [New Release!!]
Ascend Harajuku Swag Pants Pinstripes Black TMP
Kunst Malbec Glass #2

Her Look (Click here to see her blog!)
Burley Veronica Dips [New Release!!]
Kunst Cigarette
Real Evil Innamorata Earring Cosmopolitan Round 10/4 [New Release!!]
Real Evil Aeternum Female Bracelet [New Release!!]
United Colors Nola All in 1 Dress Maitreya Cosmopolitan Round 10/4 [New Release!!]
Illi Maitreya Jacqueline Heels Tres Chic - February 17th @NEW!!

WetCat "Glance" Curtain Prop Cosmopolitan Round 10/4 [New Release!!]

Scene Deco
Ex Machina A Good Vintage [ Wine Rack - Barrel 1 - Barrel 2 - Wine Table ] @ LTD Event - January 12th [New Release!!]
Bazar Forest [ Chandelier - Candle A - Candle B ] @ LTD Event - January 12th [New Release!!]
Kunst Wine Bottle Holder / Malbec (x6)
Kunst Barrel Stool (a) - .11 [ kunst ] - Barrel Stool (b)
Kunst Boho carpet #7

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