I'll be a King in my Dreams

My Look
Keke Star Crown Queen Kustom9 - January 15th [New Release!!]
No Match No Fact @Men Only Monthly - January 20th [New Release!!]
Speakeasy Hinto Tattoo @Trés Chic - January 17th [New Release!!]
Excellence Pants Vera @Men Only Monthly - January 20th [New Release!!]
Excellence  Boots Vera @Men Only Monthly - January 20th [New Release!!]

Scene Deco

The Den Next Home Fameshed - January 1st [New Release!!]

Floorplan Be Ambitious - Hanging Cage Light [ S - M - L ] No21 - January 21th  [New Release!!]

Keke We're The Ones We've Been Waiting For Kustom9 - January 15th [New Release!!]

Keke Book of Magic Shiny Shabby - January 20th [New Release!!]
Kalopsia Pepper's Mirror - Pepper's Frames Set of 2 - Pepper's Bench - Pepper's Vase Dried Poppies - Pepper's Lamp - Pepper's Vase Twigs - Pepper's Clock - Pepper's Side Table - Pepper's Wardrobe - Pepper's Dress@Lost & Found - November [New Release!!]
Apt B It's a Hipster Thing [ Lamp - Bottle - Brave - Rug ] 
Kustom9 - January 15th [New Release!!]
Zerkalo Memories [ Frame2 Moscow Dark - Frame1 Moscow Dark - Book Lamp - Armchair Dark RARE - Candles Dark - Books2 -Pillow London - Pillow New York - Pillow Paris ] Shiny Shabby - January 20th [New Release!!]
MudHoney Anna Bed PG Cherry Fameshed - January 1st [New Release!!]

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