Coffee Break

My Look
No Match No Effect Cosmopolitan Round 8/4 [New Release!!]
HSH  One FAT  (L&R)  Mesh Eye Cosmopolitan Round 8/4 [New Release!!]
Oddity Jacket Harrison Cosmopolitan Round 8/4 [New Release!!]
Oddity Pants Pioneer Worn Leather Op D (for Mid-Calf Boots) Hello Tuesday 93 [50% Off!!]
David Heather Vinchy Boots Sienna Kustom9 - January 15th [New Release!!]
Floorplan Coffee Cup Sir The Epiphany - January 16th  [New Release!!]
Pink Acid Dachshund Puppy Red Her The Seasons Story - January 10th  [New Release!!]

Scene Deco
Art Space Skybox Small V1.0 Cosmopolitan Round 8/4 [New Release!!]
Apt B LTD Gacha [ Frame - Mirror RARE - Flowers - Ladder - Antlers ] @ LTD Event - January 12th [New Release!!]
Fiasco Gramophone Dock Light @ LTD Event - January 12th [New Release!!]
Keke Tin Box Side Table Bright [New Release!!]
Keke 2016 Polaroids [New Group Gift!!]
Keke Winter Flowers [ Shrub 1 - Shrub 2 - Small Branch ] The Seasons Story - January 10th  [New Release!!]
Jian White Tail Deer [ Female Adult (Static) - Fawn (Static) - Male Adult (Static) ] The Seasons Story - January 10th  [New Release!!]

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