When mommy isn't home...

- I'd like to thank you, Malu Elan, for making part of this picture. Without you, that dream wouldn't become true - 

Monso My Hair Chen /Black Brown (no material) The Mens Department - September 5th  @NEW!!
Sorgo Sawn Black
Sorgo CubanLink Gold
Speakeasy Luminary Tattoo TMP Body Mod Expo - September 12th  @NEW!!
Noche Short Sleeved Shirt No.9 TMP Fameshed - September 1st @NEW!!
Kal Rau Casual Chino Striped 2 - Casual Chino Belt A - Chino Suspender  @Unavailable Store!!
ILLI Owen Sneakers TMP @NEW!!

Del May - Bed snacks male (modified)

Home & Deco
Convair Boston Skybox (with lights) Fameshed - September 1st @NEW!!
Zerkalo Lets Play [ Sofa Fort - Pillow2 - Pillow3 - Pillow4 - Beer - Potato Chips ] Fameshed - September 1st @NEW!!
Zerkalo Summer Day [ Orange Juice (modified) ]
Crimarizon Retro Cartoon TV

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