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Speakeasy Davin Hair Brown Faded - Davin Hairbase TMP @Men Only Monthly - September 20th @NEW!!
Sorgo Astoria Black
Deadwool Moustache Brown V3
Soy S/M/P/L HeadPhone Orange C Kustom9 - September 15th @NEW!!
AR2 Style Pyrates Tattoo MOF - September 11th @NEW!!
Project Reject Mens Rejects T Shirt @NEW!!
Kunst Navigator [ watch - cuff ] The Mens Department - September 5th  @NEW!!
Kunst Brandy Glass #3
Kal Rau Casual Chino Orange @Unavailable Store!!
Shoeminati WingX Hi Black/White@NEW!!

3M cc0 m 5

Kalopsia Maple Hideaway - Leaves Floor (orange) - Flying leaves (orange) N21 - September @NEW!!
Kalopsia Maple Bed - Maple Chair Decor - Maple Rugs - Maple Wall Lace Tres Chic - September 17th @NEW!!
Haikei Where You've Been Gacha [ 1 - 3 - 4 - 5 ] Kustom9 - September 15th @NEW!!
Floorplan Wicked Wire - Wonderfvll Frame - Leaning Cross White Collabor88 - September 8th @NEW!!
No Concept Musical Note [ Pendant1 (Gold) - Pendant2 (Black) - Pendant3 (Gold) ] - Musical Note Chair Kustom9 - September 15th @NEW!!
Keke Rainy Day Table Lamp - Frame On a Stick [ S, L, M ] Kustom9 - September 15th @NEW!!
Kunst Coal miner lamp - Metal ashtray RARE Kustom9 - September 15th @NEW!!
Kunst Brandy bottle dispenser RARE
Vespertine Record Player Walnut
Amitomo Style Share Gacha#3 Boots Ash Brown Kustom9 - September 15th @NEW!!
Fashionably Dead Cat [ 05 Curled On Back - 16 Curled In Box RARE ]
The Little Branch AppleTree Dark {Autumn} - Orange Tree {Autumn} @Cosmopolitan Round 24/3 @NEW!!

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