Miner's Refuge

Speakeasy Davin Hair Blonde Faded - Davin Hairbase TMP @Men Only Monthly - September 20th @NEW!!
Identity One Story TMP Body Mod Expo - September 12th  @NEW!!
Fabulous and Trendy Cardigan Knit Jacket Grey - Slim Fit Jeans Dark Blue @Men Only Monthly - September 20th @NEW!!
Tabou Irresistible Hunter Backpack Dirty @Men Only Monthly - September 20th @NEW!!

Mmma 1416

Scene Deco #1
Kunst Iron frame + light - Pick axe (floor) - Minecart coffee table RARE Kustom9 - September 15th @NEW!!
Kunst Wall bottle candle holder
Apt B Snuggle Up [ Shelf - Bucket - Basket - Logs - Rug ] Shiny Shabby - September 20th @NEW!!
Apt B Tufted Sofa MF - Empire Shade Lamp - Rolling Cabinet Locker The Mens Department - September 5th  @NEW!!
Cheeky Pea Boo Pumpkins @NEW Subscriber Gift!!
Unkindness Country Pumpkin Accessories Tres Chic - September 17th @NEW!!
Kalopsia Maple Rugs Tres Chic - September 17th @NEW!!
Scene Deco #2
8f8 Primavera in Toscana [ Ladder - Laundry Rack ]
Kunst Railroad shelving - Crossing sign - Pick axe (wall) - Coal miner lamp - Metal ashtray RARE - Iron frame - Coal processing plant carpet Kustom9 - September 15th @NEW!!
Kalopsia Garage Boxes [ Stacked - Single ] 
Epia Workbench Table The Mens Department - September 5th  @NEW!!
Soy Old 3wheeler truck (peacock blue)
Aisling Pumpkin Multiples - Pumpkin Solo 2
Scene Deco #3
Apt B Snuggle Up [ Hanging Seat RARE - Wheelburrow ] Shiny Shabby - September 20th @NEW!!
Pilot Garden Tools
Kalopsia Flying leaves (orange) N21 - September @NEW!!
The Little Branch AppleTree Dark {Autumn}  @Cosmopolitan Round 24/3 @NEW!!

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