I'm Ready for the Country Party

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Ricardo #1
Tony Tanner Safari Hat Noir
VG My Hipster Shirt Brick - My Hipster  Slacks DB - Nassau Men TMP Tan @ 􀀀The Black Dot Project Event - August 11th @NEW!!

Epia - Zaanse Store Door
Keke beach fence part 1
LB AppleShad (With Apples Menu)
LB OliveTree (With Leaves Bands) - OliveTree
Floorplan String party lights B (on)
Zerkalo Country Living [ Hay Bale Seating RARE - Pillow1 - Pillow2 - Bucket w/Plums -  Basket w/Cherries - Hay Bale Table - Lemonade   Glass w/Lemonade - Old Bucket - Hay Bale - Basket w/Pears - Bucket w/Apples - Stepladder ] Shiny Shabby - July 20th @NEW!!
8f8 - Primavera in Toscana Farm Cart
Ricardo #2
Unorthodox Sick HB TMP The Mens Department - August 5th  @NEW!!
Unorthodox Manly Eyebrows #9 TMP @NEW!!
Unorthodox Superb Facial Hair TMP - Superb Noir (A) Facial Hair The Mens Department - August 5th  @NEW!!

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