'Cause you cut me deep and now I can't sleep 'cause I'll never heal

hair/ [monso] My Hair - Min /Red Kustom9 - May 15th @NEW!!
cigar/ [ kunst ] - Cigar RARE @The Liaison Collaborative - May 15th @EXCLUSIVE!!
necklace/ UC Tribal necklace men RFL
body tattoo/ -7P- Ross Tattoo TMP  @NEW!!
jeans/ ..::ILLI::.. Cuffed Uomo Jeans  @NEW!!
sneakers/ REDGRAVE - Benito Sneaker -Beige (SLink) The Mens Department - May 5th  @NEW!!

house/ Kalopsia - Stones House - Stone Wall  Fameshed @NEW!!
light ladder/ tarte. ladder light (brick) Kustom9 - May 15th @NEW!!
bottle, glass & ashtray/ [ kunst ] - Brandy bottle dispenser RARE - Brandy glass #3 - Cigar ashtray #2 @The Liaison Collaborative - May 15th @EXCLUSIVE!!
rustic now set/ Apt B // Rustic Now - Stick Light -  Rose Hedge - Wheelchair - Hanging Seat RARE - Detached Door - Stacked Pillows - Button chair Kustom9 - May 15th @NEW!!

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