The grandma's attic

hair/ *~*Damselfly*~* Louie @Men Only Monthly - April 20th @NEW!!
hairbase/ ~Tableau Vivant~  Hairbases - Shaved TMP
skin/ Clef de Peau  Jason TMP @Men Only Monthly - April 20th @NEW!!
shape/ !Baaah! Shape Connex @Men Only Monthly - April 20th @NEW!!
glasses/ .Reckless. - Stray Glasses Black @Men Only Monthly - April 20th @NEW!!
jacket/ V-Spot - SoCool Leather Jacket Grey @Men Only Monthly - April 20th @NEW!!
jeans/ Urbano - 424 Jeans Stone @Men Only Monthly - April 20th @NEW!!

{pose maniacs} Lucas 3

house/ Trompe Loeil  - Shipping Crate Studio Wood Collabor88 - April 8th @NEW!!
roses bucket/ 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Bucket of Roses
party lights/ floorplan.  string party lights A & B No21 April 21st @NEW!!
wall tapestrys/ floorplan.  wall tapestry / floral jack & parfum No21 April 21st @NEW!!
chair/ Apt B  // Douze Roses - Chair
basket light/ Apt B  //   Douze Roses - Recycled Basket Shiny Shabby - April 20th @NEW!!
teacup light/ Apt B  //   Douze Roses - Teacup Light Shiny Shabby - April 20th @NEW!!
back cabinet/ Apt B  //   Douze Roses - Wood Cabinet Shiny Shabby - April 20th @NEW!!
pillows crate/ Apt B  //  Douze Roses - Crate Pillows Shiny Shabby - April 20th @NEW!!
pillows bascket/ Apt B  //   Douze Roses - Basket Pillows Shiny Shabby - April 20th @NEW!!
front cabinet/ Apt B  //   Douze Roses - Cabinet RARE Shiny Shabby - April 20th @NEW!!
roses step stool/ Apt B  // Douze Roses - Step Stool Shiny Shabby - April 20th @NEW!!
wall ladder/ Apt B  // Douze Roses - Ladder Shiny Shabby - April 20th @NEW!!

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