Pieces of my life

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hair/ MINA Hair - Andre Unrigged (materials)  @Men Only Monthly - March 20th @NEW!!
hairbase/ Unorthodox Comeback Hair Black Hairbase TMP  @Men Only Monthly - March 20th @NEW!!
cigarette/ [NikotiN]  Cigarette Dirty
body tattoo/ [AR2 Style] Skull Tattoo TMP @The Skin Fair - March 13th @NEW!!
jumper jeans/ !Grandeur! Jumper Jeans  Neon @NEW!!
hand glass/ [ kunst ] - Bourbon glass @Men Only Monthly - March 20th @EXCLUSIVE!!

pose/ [3M] ** chair5 2 (modified)

house/ Trompe Loeil - Amelia Cabin
chair/ Apt B // Benedict Chair -PG- Shiny Shabby - March 20th @NEW!!
ghost table/ Apt B // Ghost Furniture Table Shiny Shabby - March 20th @NEW!!
ghost couch/ Apt B // Ghost Furniture Couch Shiny Shabby - March 20th @NEW!!
pictures frame/ Apt B // DIY Picture Frame Shiny Shabby - March 20th @NEW!!
chest/ Apt B // Vintage Chest Shiny Shabby - March 20th @NEW!!
heart deco/ Apt B // Winged Heart Shiny Shabby - March 20th @NEW!!
cage with books/  Apt B // Bird Cage Book Ends Kustom9 March 15th @NEW!!
suspended lights/ Apt B // Industrial Light -Rust- The Mens Department @NEW!!
table bottles/ [ kunst ] - Bourbon dispenser #3 & Bourbon bottle #5 @Men Only Monthly - March 20th @EXCLUSIVE!!
table glass/ [ kunst ] - Bourbon glass #3 @Men Only Monthly - March 20th @EXCLUSIVE!!
floor glass/ [ kunst ] - Bourbon glass (empty) @Men Only Monthly - March 20th @EXCLUSIVE!!
telescope/ [ kunst ]  & Abiss  - Telescope / rusty
table ashtray/ [ kunst ] - Ashtray v3 / Grunge wood #4
floor cigarette box/ [ kunst ] - Cigarette box grunge / gold
carpet/ [ kunst ] - Boho carpet #7 Shiny Shabby - March 20th @EXCLUSIVE!!
clock/ [ kunst ] - Route 66 clock (grunge)
butts/ [NikotiN] Cigarette Butts (04)
tapestry/ Kalopsia - Lace Tapestry Kustom9 March 15th @NEW!!
lamp/ PILOT - Moto Lamp [Tan] Kustom9 March 15th @NEW!!
guitar decor/ 7 - Unstrung Classical Guitar
elvis neon/ floorplan. [Con.] neon elvis / rusted Shiny Shabby - March 20th @NEW!!
dress form hat/ TONY -- Tanner Safari Hat - Vintage Kustom9 March 15th @NEW!!
dress form/ Apple Fall Dress Form
floor camera/ Apple Fall Vintage Camera w/ Tripod
couch painting/ Apple Fall New Arrival Painting
floor letter/ FD: Letter Opener & Mail
opened book/ Lark - Imaginarium Librarium Poetry - RARE
cage owl/ +Half-Deer+ Great Horned Owl - Ghostly (Look Down) Collabor88 March @NEW!!
cat/ (fd) Cat - 10 Scared

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