Eyes like a shutter, mind like a lens

cap/ [VALE KOER] Just Plain Cap The Mens Department @NEW!!
hair/ Speakeasy Emmet Ominous Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair - Open March 10th @NEW!!
hairbase/ Clef de Peau Hairbase 2 Blonde TMP The Mens Department @NEW!!
eyebrows/ Clef de Peau Eyebrows 4 Blonde TMP The Mens Department @NEW!!
skin/ Clef de Peau Robin Base T4 TMP The Mens Department @NEW!!
briefs/ Speakeasy LuckOfTheIrish Briefs RED TMP Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair - Open March 10th @NEW!!
**Stash** Digital SLR Camera

{pose maniacs} yesah 5 (modified)

house/ Apple Fall Rural Farmhouse RARE @The Chapter Four (Chapter 22) @NEW!!
caparra wall/ Trompe Loeil  - Caparra Wall Ivy Center Left Multi
wall wheel/ 7  - Wonder Wheel #2 RARE
pallets/ Apt B // Pallet Display Simple (modified)
lights/ Apt B // Industrial Light -Rust- The Mens Department @NEW!!
private screen/ Apt B // Divider The Mens Department @NEW!!
chair/ Apt B // Jeep Chair -Adult- The Mens Department @NEW!!
rug/ Apt B // Rug V1 The Mens Department @NEW!!
boots/ Wonton: Owen Military Zip Boots / Camel The Mens Department @NEW!!
dogs/ Zooby's Relaxing White English Bulldog & Enzo Vuitton

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