..::Cosmopolitan Round 1/3::..

[On Dave]
[Shoeminati] Screw Back Cap "red" NEW!!
* S O R G O  - CubanLink - GOLD/GOLD
sf serving plate with pizzas
V-Spot - Shinin' Star Jacket RED  @ NEW AT COSMOPOLITAN!!
Urbano - No Religion Jeans (Dark) NEW!!
[Shoeminati] 3s 2.0 "fire red" NEW!!

!! Follow US !! Autumn'14 Pumpkins in cage V3 NEW!!
sf pizza oven - grey stone @ NEW AT COSMOPOLITAN!!
sf pizza oven rack wth pizza @ NEW AT COSMOPOLITAN!!
StoraxTreeFeline Treasures - Naptime - Grey L 
sf  mediterranean shelf with decor @ NEW AT COSMOPOLITAN!!
sf pizza bench - with decor @ NEW AT COSMOPOLITAN!!

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