[On Dave]

Exile High and Dry NEW!!
::7Style::  Jacket  -borb- @ TC4
not so bad  EDWIN jeans  red TMD
-David Heather- Ricardo Oxfords SE/Sienna TMD

[On Mia]

*Soonsiki~ Quest *Blacks* WE LOVE ROLE.PLAY
Color.Me.H.O.F [AnjaFurShoulders] GIFT
- ISON - safari tribe necklace (gold)
 - ISON -  Geometric
American Beauty Blood Metallic Skirt @ TSR
Ricielli Amora Sandals / Neautral Pack @ TDR


*ionic* Silence TC4
Scarlet Creative Meribel Day Sofa Mod and Trans @ ARCADE
Scarlet Creative Meribel Comfort Rug - Light ARCADE
Scarlet Creative Merbiel Lamp *click for on/off* Mod and Trans ARCADE
Scarlet Creative Meribel Stool Mod and Transfer ARCADE
Scarlet Creative The Arcade Love Curtain Pane Mod Trans (Old Event)
Soy. Old Photo light (w/o socket) TMD
-David Heather- Chess Travel Bag/Black (Last Event) KUSTOM9
ISPACHI [Florian] Breakfast Tray 2 ARCADE
[AF] AIR Notebook
-tres blah- Workspace - Tablet ARCADE

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