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I'm Wearing
HEAD SKIN. Stray Dog Jahiri Sienna Black Fair 2017 [New Release!!]
BEARD. Doux Big mesh beard [White] [New Release!!]
MOUSTACHE. Doux Big mesh beard [White] Moustache [New Release!!]

JACKET. ...Scars... Long jacket t-model S [Black Paint]

HAT. Stray Dog Wide Brim Hat Men Only Hunt 9 - April 9th  [Gift!!]
NECKLACE. Clef de Peau Leather Necklace 5 The Epiphany - April 15th  [New Release!!]
NOSE SEPTUM. Kunst  Anuket Septum Ring The Liaison Collaborative - April 7th [New Release!!]
LEFT BRACELET. Kunst Devon bracelet
RIGHT BRACELET. Real Evil ReVoX Roman Bracelet

POSE. Statix Kai 5 [New Release!!]

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