Go Solo

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hair/ MINA Hair - Peggy - Busty Kustom9 April 15th @NEW!!
eyebrows/ Unorthodox RVRE Eyebrows TMP  @NEW!!
arms tattoo/ { Speakeasy } Sinners Tat sleeve TMP @TAG! Gacha - April 17th @NEW!!
jacket with shirt/ ::GB:: Zipped Biker Jacket  Kustom9 April 15th @NEW!!
pants/ ::GB:: Skinny pants  Kustom9 April 15th @NEW!!
sneakers/ [VALE KOER] Grid Runners Kustom9 April 15th @NEW!!
bracelets/ LUXE. Jungle Beads  Kustom9 April 15th @NEW!!
bag/ Bleich - Mesh Ghost Bag Kustom9 April 15th @NEW!!
cellphone/ [ kunst ] - kPhone 3C The Mens Department - April 5th  @NEW!!

skybox/ Apt B // Skybox Bunker RARE Kustom9 April 15th @NEW!!
suspended light & floor light/ Apt B // Standing Light &  License Plate Light  Kustom9 April 15th @NEW!!
coffee table/ Apt B  // Wheeled Table  Kustom9 April 15th @NEW!!
daybed/ [ zerkalo ]  Yet Another Daybed The Neighborhood @NEW!!
cake slices/ Kalopsia - Sakura Delice - Kasutera Xiasumi School Festival @NEW!!
flowers, floor clothes, magazines stand and wall deco/ :HAIKEI: look through the window gacha {1,2,4 & 5}  Kustom9 April 15th @NEW!!
camera/ [Cosmic Dust] - Vintage SLR Camera RARE Xiasumi School Festival @NEW!!
coffee mugs/ [Cosmic Dust] - Flash Photography Mug & I Shoot People Mug Xiasumi School Festival @NEW!!
wall sign deco/ Willow Home- Whale Sign - Chalkboard  Kustom9 April 15th @NEW!!
wall bulb lamps/ [ keke ] wall bulb - chrome  Kustom9 April 15th @NEW!!

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